Friday, January 20, 2006


We are running six candidates in 2006

Constitution Party runs Martinez for Governor

The Constitution Party of Texas has fielded three candidates for statewide offices, one for the Texas House and two for Congress for the first time ever. David Martinez has filed to run for Governor, along with Chuck Burnett for Lieutenant Governor. Both men are from Corpus Christi. CPA James Pennington, of Kerrville, has filed for State Comptroller. Paul Amos of Ennis is running for State Rep. District 10. Alfred Adask of Dallas has filed for U.S. Senate and Melvin Hassell also of Dallas has filed for Congress, 32nd District.

The party will still have to overcome a tremendous hurdle in order to be on the ballot in November, with over 45,000 valid signatures on petitions to be gathered in six weeks following the primary election. According to State Chairman Bryan Malatesta, "It's a tough hurdle, placed there by the two major parties, because they don't want the competition. But we'll make lemonade where we have to -- if we succeed, the State will have also forced us to build our party to a greater strength than ever before. So that may turn out to be a blessing in disguise."

The party also has one candidate running for the State legislature, Paul Amos running for District 10. Amos is a resident of Ennis.

In 2004 the Constitution Party did not have ballot access, as a result, presidential candidate Michael Peroutka ran as a write-in candidate in Texas.

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